LiFePo4 Battery Charger

LNLEE High Power Intelligent Waterproof 72V Lifepo4 Battery Charger

      Waterproof Level: IP67
      Model Number : LN3300G
      Size: 294*210*111MM
      Net Weight:8.0KGS
      Input Voltage: 96V-264VAC, 40-60Hz
      DC Output:  72V 30A /40A/50A
      Charging Mode: CC/CV
      Material: Aluminium Case
      Accessories:1*Charger + 1*User's Manual 
Feature 1:
 ➤ FULL RANGE ENERGY CHARGING SOLUTION: This WATERPROOF battery charger provides 30 -50AMPS for 84.0 Volt Powerful, waterproof (IP67) charger to safely and quickly charge the 72V200Ah LIFEPO4 battery. Through Juicon waterproof connectors the charger can be connected easily to the terminals of your lifepo4 battery.
Feature 2:
➤ FEEL SAFE AND PROTECTED WHILE CHARGING: This lithium charger features an automatic cut-off, protecting you against overheating, high voltage surges, reverse polarity, short circuits, and overtime charging.
Feature 3:
➤ MULTIFUNCTIONAL: This battery charger can be used to charge any more than 200Ah lifepo4 batteries.
Feature 4: 
➤ LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: This durable and compact battery charger is easy to transport and is made of one whole aluminum alloy shell. It is easy to install and charge anywhere!
Feature 5: 
➤ QUALITY AND DURABILITY: The battery charger warranty 18monthes.
Accessories of this product include 1x piece per Inner Box, 1x AC input plug, 1x DC output connector, and 1x user's manual.

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